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2017 USDAA Member Titles & News

BRAT hosted the South Central Regional Championship March 17-19, 2017 held in KERRVILLE AT THE HILL COUNTRY YOUTH EXHIBITION CENTER. It was our goal to host an outstanding regional - TEXAS style!!

Congratulations to all of the BRAT Members who participated at the Regional hosted by BRAT.

The two members listed below had qualifying scores and made the podium for pictures posted on the USDAA website.

    Catherine Laria
    20 3rd in Team (overall) with Jelly
    20 2nd in Reg. Gran Prix Rd. with Jelly
    20 2nd in Reg. Performance MC Biathlon with Paint
    20 2nd in Performance Speed Jumping Rd. 2 with Paint
    20 1st in Regional Champion MC Biathlon with Bliz

    Courtney Moore
    8 1st in Performance Speed Jumping Regional Rd. 2 with Louie
    8 2nd in Regional Performance Grand Prix Rd. 2 with Louie

These Members also qualified at the regional.
    8 1st in Perf. Jumpers Rene Fitch with Rocket
    16 4th in Perf Versatility Pairs (Team Overall) Betty Bauwens with Oreo
    14 5th in Perf. Versatility Pairs (Team Overall) Lana Neukirch with Raven
    22 4th in Regional Championship MC Biathlon Courtney Moore with Riot
    22 6th in Regional Championship MC Biathlon Shannon Grimes with Rocky

Fearless leader Tim hard at work.

Regional Trial Sec. Rona Halbreich inputting scores and doing a great job.

Helping score for one of the rings member, Jamie Dale and her Mom Norma

Awards are announced

Helen with her Siberian Husky, Jay

Chris Meyers' Larry

P1 Jumpers

Congratulations to Connie Hinton and her English Cocker Spaniel, Chance!!

Connie's Chance, qualified 8 of 9 runs at the English Cocker Spaniel Club of America National Specialty in May 2017. Chance earned 2 QQQ's and qualified in T2B. On May 1st, he was High In Trial and High Scoring Bench Champion. On May 2nd, he was High Scoring Bench Champion. Overall for the 2 days, he was awarded High in Trial Overall and High Scoring Bench Champion Overall.

Three months later at the Lone Star English Cocker Spaniel Club on August 5th, under Judge Bonnie McDonald,
MACH3 Chance!!

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