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2018 USDAA Member Titles & News

BRAT hosted A USDAA Licensed Event Titling Event w/Tournament Classes on February 9 - 11, 2018.

“The Show must go on” was the motto for our show’s weekend tournaments and titling classes. Preparing months in advance as most clubs for their trials this was going to be our normal February dog agility show.

Team events were split between Friday and Saturday. Titling Classes for all levels were all three days. Grand Prix/PGP, Steeplechase/Perf. Speed Jumping Round 1 was Saturday. Round 2 of the Steeplechase/Perf. Speed Jumping along with the Master Challenge Biathlon was on Sunday; but the show committee had to make last minute decisions to run alternating rings with one judge and to add the Steeplechase Round 2 to Saturday’s classes because bad weather was forecasted for Sunday.

Our Chief Course Builder Chris Meyers and our awesome BRAT members stepped up building the fun challenging courses from Master Judge Kim Donnell, so they were ready to go as soon as the other class ended.

With changes that was made trying to squeeze in extra runs you could still see the friendly good sportsmen’s ship between the competitors. All the handlers were strategizing each course for their best possible runs.

BRAT strives to make our trials run smoothly and to give everyone a fun weekend with their dogs.

***Please join us on our next event November 24-25, 2018 at the Diamond F Arena, Seguin Texas.***

Congratulations to all BRAT Members who participated at the BRAT hosted event.

Titles earned by BRAT Members:

Sharon Grimes
PGM, PTM, and MPD with Rocky

Lana Neukrich
TM and RM with Holly

Chris Meyers
APK with Larry

Catherine Laria
PSM, PRM, and PKM with Blizzard
JM with Jelly

Additional Congratulations for Titles earned by Non Members at the event

Lucy Long
ADCH Platinum with Pressure

D'Lynn Thompson
ADCH and RM with Pat
TM and SAM with Peach

DAM Team Qualifiers:

1st Place TEAM Krewe of Morpheus
    D'Lynn Thompson with Pat
    Lucy Long with Pressure
    Julie Watson with Wager

2nd Place TEAM Box of Chocolates
    Lana Neukirch with Holly
    D'Lynn Thompson with Peach
    Betty Bauwens with Whip

PVP Qualifiers

1st Place TEAM Krewe of Selene
    Shannon Grimes with Rocky
    Lucy Long with Vapor

2nd Place TEAM We Rode Out the Blizzard
    Julie Watson with Rody
    Catherine Laria with Bliz

Shannon Grimes and Rocky earned their PMG, PTM and MPD.
Photo by Shannon Grimes

Catherine Laria's Whirlwind Border Collie, Jelly, earned their JM title.
Photo by Catherine Laria

D'Lynn Thompson and Pat earned their ADCH, Lana Neukirch and Holly earned their TM and RM.
Photo by D'Lynn Thompson

      Catherine Laria and Bliz earned their PDCH
      at the Austin K9 Xpress USDAA show
      in Leander, TX February 17 - 18!


On February 10, Connie Hinton and English Cocker Spaniel, Chance competed at Westminster. Chance was clean in Standard, had a bobble in JWW, but Connie fixed it. He made the finals! He was seeded 9th out of the 12 taken. Chance ran clean in the finals and ended up in 7th place out of 12. There were 56 competitors in his jump height.

On March 10, Chance completed his MACH4 under Christie Bowers at the ADOC trial.

D'Lynn Thompson and Snap earn their ADCH Bronze at the November BRAT November 2018 trial!

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