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Fanfare's Country Charm AX, AXJ

Sugar at her first agility trial
Sugar at her first Agility Trial
Photo by Tien Tran

Jill's daughter, Sugar, came back to the Staffan house on March 30, 2006, shortly after her 5th birthday. She began her beginner agility training at age 6 years old. She is just as charming and sweet as her name and it fits her well!

Sugar completed her Novice Standard and Novice Jumpers with Weaves titles with 5 First and a Second placement.

She completed her Open Standard and Open Jumpers with Weaves titles with 4 First, a Second, and a Third placement.

She completed her Agility Excellent and Agility Excellent Jumper titles with 5 First and a Second placements.   Sugar is retired at age 7 with her 6 agility titles.

Sugar at the finish linel
Sugar at the finish line!
Photo by Ted's Photo Reflex

Owned, trained, and hugged often by Sandy Staffan

Sugar added to the Honor Roll on December 29, 2008


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